I offer Unique Individualized Treatment with a Solutions Focused Approach

Currently Offering In-Person/Phone/Video Sessions

Kelly Gorsky & Anger Management 101 book

About Kelly Gorsky

Kelly Gorsky, Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Business Coach, Certified Anger Management Specialist, Divorce Mediator

Areas of Expertise

I offer Unique Individualized Treatment with a Solutions Focused Approach

*Individual Counseling & Coaching-50 Minute Session

*Anger Management Assessment/Tools/Interventions-50 minute session for personal self growth/mandated by court or ACS

*Parenting/Discipline Coaching-50 Minute Session

*Couple/Marriage Therapy/Coaching-60 Minute Session

*Art of Communication Coaching for Couples-60 Minute Session

*Business Development & Strategies/Coaching-60 to 120 Minute Session

*Support in Mediation for Couples going through Separation or Divorce, which includes parenting plans-60 Minute Session

I Accept Cash or Zelle as forms of Payment. Please view rates on FAQ Page.
I do not accept Credit Cards or Health Insurance Plans, please inquire with your respective insurance companies for out of network reimbursement.
My practice is centered on gaining insight into self and identifying options to create different solutions.


Frequently Asked & Questions

When am I available?
Weekdays 8am to 8pm
My call return policy is within 24 to 48 hours unless its a holiday or a weekend
My direct number (646) 764-6562 or you may email me at: SelfGrowth@KellyGorsky.Com
Weekend Hours are Unavailable at this time
How often should we meet?

Usually once a week for a 50 minute individual session and a 60 minute couple session. Every two weeks can be arranged, but the flow of counseling is much more effective on a weekly basis. I also offer maintenance sessions on as needed basis.

What are my fees?
-Individual Session of 50 Minutes is $300
-Couple/Marital Session of 60 Minutes is $350
-Family Session of 60 Minutes is $375
*Payment is due on the day of the visit or prior to the visit
* A 24 hour cancellation policy otherwise, a Full Fee is applied. Forms of payment accepted: Cash and Zelle. I do not accept Credit Cards or Health Insurance Plans, please inquire with your respective insurance companies for out of network reimbursements.
What are my fees and hours for Business Consulting/Coaching?

-Please call to inquire about Business Coaching/Consulting Fees. Every business approach is tailored to your vocational/professional endeavor and needs.

Differences when a Therapist is not Accepting Insurance Plans

Confidentiality: Managed care plans often require detailed information about you and the problem you need help with.That information is not protected.

Control of Treatment: Your insurance company—not you or I—will decide if treatment is “medically necessary” and how much of it you may receive.;

Psychiatric Diagnosis: Insurance requires a psychiatric diagnosis that becomes part of your record. As a licensed Mental Health Counselor, my services qualify for patient reimbursement under most plans. My fees are generally considered within the “usual and customary” range (UCR), but please check with the company in advance. If you wish to submit for reimbursement, I will provide you with an invoice for services provided.

My Blogs

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a violent confrontations between family or household members involving repeated: Physical Harm, Sexual Assault, Fear of Physical Harm, Control of Use of Money, Threatening of Stability and Harm to Children. Family or household members include spouses / former spouses, those in (or formerly in) a dating relationship…….

Anger Management

Anger Management 101

Anger Management is a learning process where you allow yourself to feel and be in control of your thoughts and behaviors. You permit yourself to acknowledge that you are angry and there are options to resolving what may be bothering or upsetting you. Experiencing anger is very healthy, acting on your anger can be very dangerous……

Mob Wives

Mob Wives

Discover the insightful recommendations of Kelly Grosky, a seasoned therapist, skilled psychotherapist, and a well-known expert in anger management. Kelly is a valuable resource for comprehending and helping people with controlling their emotions and behavior. Due to her admirable work in the field of mental health and her distinctive ……


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Mikhail Dolzhanskiy

She speaks English and Russian which was very helpful for me. She is experienced and thorough. Highly recommend!

Juli Carothers

Ms. Gorsky is compassionate, professional and experienced. I highly recommend her.


Meet in Brooklyn but now travel to Staten Island as she is worth the short drive. Thanks Kelly.

Michel Manaweel

Very helpful. I’m glad to know her.


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