Anger Management

What is Anger?

Anger is a healthy emotion that helps you define something that appears to be wrong.

What is Unhealthy Anger?

An emotion that permits you to enact the following: yelling, screaming, threatening, cursing insulting and manipulating to get your ways regardless if it hurts others. Unhealthy anger fails you to listen and participate in a discussion where it could lead to learning and solutions.​

What is Anger Management?

Anger Management is a learning process where you allow yourself to feel and be in control of your thoughts and behaviors.You permit yourself to acknowledge that you are angry and there are options to resolving what may be bothering or upsetting you. Experiencing anger is very healthy, acting on your anger can be very dangerous.

Anger Management is not only educational but the information is realistic and very situationally applicable. I provide examples in the Anger Management Sessions that applies to every person in every household. Real life situations are explored with concrete techniques and tools to apply when you choose to control your anger and be the bigger person. My Anger Management Sessions will help you to see options to problems you believed there were no other alternatives.

There are 4 Types of Anger Personalities: Aggressive, Passive Aggressive, Passive and Assertive, Our Anger Management Classes will help you to distinguish which personality type you are and how to make appropriate corrections in order to attain your Assertive and Composed Self. Anger is important to express. However, there are many healthy and unhealthy ways to express your anger, We can assist you in creating numerous of options and skills to attain the communication you will feel confident with when expressing your anger.

Anger Management Therapy/Coaching

Anger Management Therapy/Coaching in Staten Island New York will enrich you with many possibilities of how to maintain healthy relationships on the job, with your colleagues, with friends, spouses and children, as well as just people in general you may come across, such as your fellow drivers on the road. Anger Management techniques provide you with insight how to handle many challenges and obstacles in life without constantly suffering the consequences. Anger Management enable you to share your intentions emotions with purpose in a direct and as assertive manner.